Manchester Visual Podcast Studio

Our Visual Podcast Studio is a 4m x 5m recording booth with built in camera technology, and control room.
We use Shure SM7B microphones for exceptional audio quality. Designed with podcasters in mind, the space can comfortably accommodate four people for round table recordings with guests also able to join on Zoom, FaceTime, Google Hangouts and Skype.
Four Sony HD cameras offer fixed position views of the guests and wide angle shots, with two mounted Amaran 100d Daylight LEDs lighting the studio. Cameras can also be moved to suit individual recording sessions, with the space fully customisable.
Our ATEM Vision Mixer technology offers a camera switching file which is perfect for social media and sharing full podcast episodes on YouTube. Plus, recording of individual camera feeds makes video editing in multitrack software simple.
Pro Tools makes it simple to record quality audio, and with Blackmagic ATEM Mini Extreme ISO visual controller you have ready to use high-quality audio on your videos.
As well as visual podcast recording, the studio is perfect for live streaming projects, with high speed internet provided by MediaCityUK’s world class digital infrastructure.
Guests are well looked after with comfortable sofa seating, WiFi and complimentary tea, coffee and soft drinks. All rates include secure delivery of audio and video mixdowns. We can provide recordings of individual channels for an additional charge, and offer a full range of editing services.