Studio Hire

We have three studios at MediaCityUK, Manchester. Our sound engineers are specialists in ISDN and Source-Connect voiceover sessions, radio days, audio post production, audiobook projects, live broadcasts, podcast recordings and tape sync.

Studio A has an air conditioned 3m x 3m booth that comfortably seats up to four guests for live broadcasts, ISDN, radio days, voiceover sessions and tape sync. We use Neumann U87 and TLM 103 microphones as standard, and the space is fully soundproofed with professional acoustic treatment.

Studio B has an air conditioned 1.5m x 2m booth that is perfect for audiobook projects, audio post production and ADR. The adjacent control room uses the latest ProTools software on an iMac Pro, with ISDN, IP, ipDTL, SIP, Source-Connect, and Cleanfeed connectivity.

Our Visual Podcast Studio is a 4m x 5m air conditioned audio recording booth with built in camera technology, and adjoining control room. Designed with podcasters in mind, the space can comfortably accommodate four people for round table recordings with guests also able to join on Zoom, FaceTime, Google Hangouts and Skype.

Microphones – Neumann U87, Neumann TLM 103, Sennheiser MKH60 and Sanken COS-11D
Computers and Software Apple iMac Pros, iPads, ProTools (updating latest version) and Adobe Audition
Monitoring – Genelec speakers, Sony MDR 7506 headphones and LG LCD screens
Connectivity – Prodys Prontonet ISDN, Zephyr Xstream ISDN, Source Connect Pro, ipDTL, Zoom, Skype and FaceTime
Plugins – Waves Gold and Izotope RX
Other – EdiPrompt and EdiCue