English Heritage

English Heritage is a charity that cares for over 400 historic buildings, monuments and sites. They protect an internationally-important collection of historic sites and artefacts which span six millennia, from the ancient past to the present day and include palaces, houses, hill figures, castles, abbeys, industrial sites, Roman forts and even deserted medieval villages. Through these, they bring the story of England to life for over ten million people each year.

The Opportunity

English Heritage wanted a commercial production partner who could bring a brand sound across their huge range of sites and events, offering consistency in the messaging and efficiency in the creative process. They were also keen to work with a production company that could bring ideas beyond traditional advertising, and help them engage with new, potential visitors.

Audio Reaction Strategy


Our team began by understanding the English Heritage brand and how we could unite more than 400 sites and events with a consistent sound. We achieved this by identifying voiceovers who could bring to life both the educational and entertaining elements of the brand.

Commercial Production

We worked with the English Heritage team to identify a consistent tone of voice across their audio advertising. We also built a simple creative structure that could be easily updated to reflect many different events across their sites. This enabled us to efficiently produce multiple campaigns at scale, and meant that the English Heritage team weren’t going through the timely process of ‘starting from scratch’ every time new advertising was booked. We also developed targeted Spotify creative to welcome new visitors to their heritage sites.


We created podcast content to help English Heritage connect with family audiences. Walk The Wall with CBBC presenter Maddie Moate was an audio storytelling tour of Hadrian’s Wall, developed to educate and inspire families to make a visit to Roman sites in Northumberland. The twelve-part podcast series was supported with social media content and digital audio advertising, further increasing the reach of the content and raising awareness of the visitor attractions.


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