Established in 1985, Dreams is the UK’s number one specialist bed retailer. Headquartered at ‘Bedquarters’ in High Wycombe, and with 1,900 employees across the UK, Dreams sells 10,000 mattresses, bases and headboards per week to customers nationwide through its store network of over 200 sites and online. Dreams is a proud British business, committed to continue making its products in this country, as it does now at the Dreams Bed Factory in Oldbury. At the factory, Dreams manufactures around 8,000 mattresses a week.

The Opportunity

Dreams is the UK’s largest and best‐known bed retailer. They want to help the nation get a better night’s sleep by providing advice and guidance on how to sleep better.  The brand marketing team felt that audio was a powerful way to build trust and engage with audiences.They have a primary 35+ ABC1 audience, but also like to ensure broad appeal especially targeting families via content for children. 

Audio Reaction Strategy


Dreams wanted a space to provide advice and guidance to listeners that could help them sleep better. Audio Always created the Sleep Matters Podcast hosted by Dr Pixie McKenna, the Dreams brand ambassador at the time, as a platform for discussion about how to get a better night’s sleep. In each episode Dr Pixie chatted with a different sleep expert and discussed top tips and guidance in a positive and entertaining environment. Dreams promoted the podcasts across their website and social media and used the connect to fuel blog posts to aid SEO.

Commercial Production

Targeting Spotify listeners, Audio Always created a series of Sleep Matters guides filled with tips and advice on how to get a better night’s sleep.  The guides were voiced by Gavin and Stacey star Joanna Page was was the Dreams brand voice. The guides were programmed to run sequentially on Spotify creating a narrative journey that guided audiences to a better night’s sleep. Two campaigns ran in tandem, one targeting audiences in the evening, one focussing on ‘night owls’ listening after midnight.


Creating engaging content for younger audiences was Dreams’ next focus. They wanted to create content that had value for young listeners in its own right, whilst delivering brand messaging to parents. We commissioned a series of custom children’s short stories appealing to a primary school age group. The voiced by Joanna Page and delivered to audiences as a podcast and on YouTube, supported by visuals created by the Audio Always team.  30″ adverts promoted the stories on Spotify.


From creative to delivery, we produce content and campaigns for the UK’s biggest agencies and brands. By developing bespoke Audio Reaction Strategies, we bring together radio, podcasts, commercial production, voices and studio hire at MediaCityUK. We love innovative audio ideas that connect with audiences using the power of sound.

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