Random Men Pay My Bills

  • BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra
  • DateOctober 2019

This series follows the life of Financial Dominatrix, Goddess Jade, as she offers Radio 1's Riyadh Khalaf exclusive access to her world.

Goddess Jade has been in the business of Findom (Financial Domination) for six years and has made over £250,000 from demanding cash from her devoted 'slaves' who, in theory, expect nothing in return.

From simple messaging and posting receipts on Twitter, all the way to cash meets in public and blackmail contracts, each episode allows listeners to discover more about Jade's lifestyle and the way she earns her cash.

Riyadh also delves into the wider issues surrounding the Findom industry. How does Jade manage leading a double life? How does she keep safe? How do her boyfriend and family feel about the path she has chosen? What motivates people to hand over their hard-earned cash to people like Goddess Jade?

Random Men Pay My Bills is six part series for Radio 1 and 1Xtra's storytelling podcast Tell It.